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Music  for us – “The 7th Sense of mankind – the most convincing power to unleash almighty- The easiest way to express your thoughts – The romantic common choice -  Strongest medicine to dilute any type of rigid minds – The Universal lover, having the whole world as his followers- Even accepted by atheists that it is a living truth.”

“Music – The Non Violence – The admirable – The expression – The Divine ………..”
Hi, Music lovers, we admit ourselves as strongest followers of Music and worshippers. We depict ourselves to spread this religion of music by finding the simplest way to reach & make you addict to it.

We introduce ourselves as RAAGA MITHRA - a ‘Friend of Music’ – with passion to inspire and delight the hearts of listeners with evergreen, catchy, fresh and trendy music. We adhere to give the best music to attract all ages…..with the beat to steal their heart beat.

We are here to cherish your pleasure moments and enlight your celebration - which we treat as our treasure. Lets your happiest moments preserved by RAAGA MITHRA with delightful music.

RAAGA MITHRA is a group of talented rivers merge themselves in the ocean of music to show their ‘passion to music’. We are talented musicians and technicians to deliver quality music – for which we give the most importance.

We journey with music in coming future with a simple code - ‘Deliver Quality’

For us ‘Quality’ means – Best in performance & Economical with customer by serving in reasonable remuneration.

We request to plan your functions and happy occasions with us….We are your friends indeed to offer pleasant music for:

Ø  Orchestra Light Music.
Ø  Wedding light music.
Ø  Birthday functions.
Ø  Family celebrations .
Ø  Corporate events.

 Feel free to call & confirm with:
ü  Mrs. Mahalakshmi Sathish Kumar - 98404 45780.
ü  Mr. B. Sathish Kumar – 98407 58401.
ü  Mr. B. Karthick Kumar – 89399 18182. Only on weekends.
ü  E-mail: raagamithra11@gmail.com

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